At Abundant Solar, we pride ourselves on being adaptable to the specialized needs of each project and offer services to support every level of development. With an in-house, full-time staff of over 25, and worldwide supplier relationships, we have the expertise to take a project from opportunity identification and assessment through operation while continuing to manage the project for its lifetime.

We offer comprehensive expertise in the following areas:


Business Development

Site acquisition and relationships being the fundamental element to the development process, Abundant Solar leases property rooftop and/or land for the duration of the contract term. We provide landlords long-term steady rent without any investment required from landlords. We employ an encompassing team of Solar-savvy individuals to conduct GIS studies, coordinate land applications and contract agreements, and manage long-term partnerships between landlords, municipalities and all Stakeholders of each project.


Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

Abundant Solar employs both structural and electrical engineering teams to ensure industry best practices are utilized through each phase of development. We have in house Procurement Specialists and Project Managers to monitor and maintain the economic viability of each project.


Asset Management

With a portfolio of assets over $180 Million, Abundant Solar utilizes advanced technologies in managing each project on an individual basis. Financial analysis, reporting and management all being done in-house by an experienced Management team including Chartered Accountants and finance professionals.


Operations & Maintenance

Ongoing monitoring and maintenance being of the highest priority, Abundant Solar endeavours to oversee each project for its lifetime which includes daily analysis of project performance, preventative maintenance and repair, as necessary. Employing an electronic management system allows for virtual exposure into each project at any time in the day which safeguards the highest levels of project output, at all times.



Abundant Solar has developed long-term financing relationships with various partners including Solar Flow-Through Funds who have provided an investment facility that allows investors to participate in the green energy initiative while being offered a tax incentive and a steady income stream throughout the life of the project, backed by construction financing provided by Panasonic Eco-Solutions and long term debt financing provided by PNC Bank.